Command and Control

Oh God..... Why am I here?!?!?!

Session 1

We’re being sent to a remote federation outpost on the Klingon/Federation Border. We will receive further information once we arrive. VMU-12 – Starfleet utility support squadron, operates a small outpost (similar DS9). Working near Klingon border though it’s more operations than scientific research. Being pulled off my assignment at this late point is extremely unusual…. I’m suspicious that I have been picked for my telepathic abilities.
I am transferred to a ship that rendezvous with an intrepid class. (Came all the way on U.S.S Voyager).
There is another officer on board also going to this place. I do some research:
Base – Marines, 6x runabouts, 2x talon class scout ships, ~120 people. Starfleet!
Rated – High Risk vocation. Commander Niles. Edge of system – Relay system – gives forewarning of attacks.
I manage to pull up schematics of the base. Landing pads are underground. Check that the planet doesn’t have any unusual characteristics (Other than M Class).
Point Aransas – M Class Planet – Standard Design – Repair facilities are the only unique thing of this sector.
Lieut(j.g.) Wyatt Stone (ASSHOLE) – tombstone – Speaks Klingon, Academy training one – directed to Wolf 359, Commendation for his actions during the attack – Rapid Response tour.
Lieut (j.g) Jack Gibson – Sandgroper – Australian Bevin – Operations – joined academy just out of school – went into operations – spent first tour on Earth – Setting up communications/operation centre → Attached – Rapid Response Front Line team (not a lot of info – secret squirrel). Location – Classified. Speaks Klingon, Vulcan. 28 years old.
Black – Security
Red – Command
Silver – Operations
Green – Science
Blue – Medical
Yellow – Engineering

Jack Gibson – Wanted a job on the flagship. Was about to interview
Jack Gibson – sums up my life –
Fighting on the border – (New nickname – Egghead) Arcanas Sector – Annexed by the Klingon.
I explain that I am a Betazoid. They both agree to keep my secret, in the hope we can work out while we are all here.
Transported to the outpost.
Ensign Jude – Drop bags here. Heading to operations.
Lieut Commander – Security – Liet Commander Wilson Pain – XO – Chief of Security – Introduction – new transfers. Door off the Ops room – Ready Room –
Commander Neils – 50 – balding badly – Command – Soft – 5’10 – Human
Lieut Commander Pain – Good Looking – Blonde – Strong – Scars – Sensed – Human – Carrying phaser –
Ops officer – Science officer – Crewman – all aspects –
How things are run:
20 marines, 20 officers & rest enlisted. Most are engineering
Hostility problems – sector leaves this open to third parties.
Outer system relay – providing early warning. Direct Link – 6x runabouts 2x talon scout ships. U.S.S Platte.
2x 10man marine groups – Colonel Silver
Hasn’t exactly explained why we are here.
He implies we are just standard
I ask bluntly why are we here
Lieut Stone smooths it out.
Running low on officers – replacements – desperately needed.
Why were we chosen!!
What’s the anomaly – Kiorian Anomaly. ½ light year in diameter. Limited study – Phasing properties. Obscure paper – Daystum institute –
Vulcan expedition – secretive.
Four shifts – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
Threat level – moderate – messages sent at all time.
Lieut (j.g) Mok – Tellarite enginner.
Chief Petty Officer – Kenneth Reckonbecker – red team.
Red team – that platform U.S.S Medicine Bow
Head to the Mess Hall – segregated troops.
Tried to get a sense of the minds – but overloaded…. Temporary damage.
Head to the replicator while Lieut Stone heads to the chef.
Full breakfast for Lieut Stone
Water → Toast → Peanut Butter
Stone tells Gibson to get down here and they both enjoy the breakfast.
Lieut Stone in charge
3x officers and petty officer 3rd class – Babylon Bravo – Flight Officer
Engineer assigned – Chief Kenneth Rickenbacker
Betazoid Specialist Medic – Gloria Hagan.
Bolian Marine – Lance Corporeal Gixx
1 Commander
2 Lieut Commander (Chief Medical Officer)
4 Lieutenants
6 Lieut (j.g) Lieut Stone (2nd highest J.G)
10 Ensigns
1x Lieut Colonel
1x Captain
1x 2nd Lieutenant
105 total
3 total Betazoids –
Councillor – Human Ensign
There’s discipline issues!
Patrol Route – 6 hr mission – Mission Specs provided!
Stone is in charge of Red Squad!
Tall black man – Red – 3rd Petty Officer Babylon Bravo (Jamacian)
Bolian security officer (Lance Corporeal Gixx) –
Blue Shirt – Corpman – Gloriana Hagan
Wont issue Gibson with a phaser – only issued in mission conditions
I’m in charge of Science – going to get everything ready.
Alpha Setup – Runabout
Cargo Pod, Personnel Pod, Torpedo Pod, Probe Pod, Sensor Attached
Please submit Load-up spec and contact when leaving. Ready in 30mins
Launching two probes.
Stone doing a decent job of command
I did a passive scan – excellent – Planetoid E
Reading an impression –
Planetary L Planet.
Tried to build on the missing U.S.S Pelican, chief wasn’t ready to talk yet…. Something up.
Weird – Phasing Anomoly – Temporal Flux – Emitting Excrement. Quantum Singularity?? – (Double x1) – No chance!! Player Knowledge – El-Aurian… the Wave…. Schism sub space!
Gaseous cloud – mask sensors – could be naturally phenomenon. Chat’s Cloud
32 scan on the planetary – Certain it is a man-made structure – low EM fgrequency – Orion – Certain communication with another vessel – cloaked vessel on our side of the border!
Mostly human on the planet – Naussicans (20 peeps) 4x Naucissans
Wyatt – Get Bravo to setup evasion plans
From what I have quickly seen, there is no reason for the array. Communication with the outpost should be standard.



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