Command and Control

The year is 2373, it is a dark time for the United Federation of Planets…

Relations with the Dominion continue to deteriorate. The Roluman Empire continue to reject peaceful overtures.

Convinced that the Cardassian government had been infiltrated by the Founders, the Klingon Empire has invaded the Cardassian Union. However, the Federation objects to this action, causing Chancellor Gowron to withdraw from the Khitomer Accords, ending their alliance. Further to this the Klingons have taken aggressive action, resulting in the Empire annexing the Archanis sector from the Federation. Most believe open war cannot be far away, and as the situation escalates Starfleet is forced to divert more and more resources in anticipation of the coming conflict.

As a result of these actions, two Starfleet officers are pulled from their current assignments and sent post haste to a remote outpost on the Federation Klingon border.

Command and Control

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